100 Ondo State Lawyers Demand Resignation of Attorney General

100 Lawyers under the aegis of “100 Ondo State Lawyers For Democracy” have called for the resignation of the Ondo State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Sir Charles Titiloye, Esq., over his alleged involvement in several unlawful and unconstitutional acts.

In a letter addressed to the Attorney General, the lawyers accused him of being complicit in the illegal inauguration of newly appointed Local Government officials, defying a court order in the process. They also faulted him for refusing to advise on the commissioning of the Deputy Governor as Acting Governor despite the incapacitation of the Governor.

The lawyers further expressed concerns over the Attorney General’s defense of the government against Dr Kayode Ajulo, SAN allegations of forgery of the incapacitated governor’s signature, accusing him of lying and undermining public confidence in his ability to uphold justice and truth.

In addition to demanding his resignation, the lawyers also called for the Attorney General to publicly apologize to the National and State Bar Associations within seven days. Failure to do so, they warned, could lead to a report to the Legal Practitioner’s Disciplinary Committee, seeking his disbarment.

The lawyers’ actions highlight the growing concern over the integrity of the Ondo State government and its commitment to upholding the rule of law. The Attorney General’s alleged involvement in these unlawful acts has cast a shadow over his leadership and raised questions about his fitness to hold such a high-ranking position.

The situation in Ondo State is a stark reminder of the importance of having a strong and independent judiciary to protect the rights of citizens and ensure that the government operates within the confines of the law. The Attorney General’s actions threaten to undermine this crucial institution and erode public trust in the government.

Only time will tell whether the Attorney General will heed the calls for his resignation or face further scrutiny from the legal profession. However, the message from the 100 Ondo State Lawyers For Democracy is clear: the government’s actions will not go unchallenged, and those responsible for unlawful and unconstitutional acts will be held accountable.

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