Ash Wednesday: Cleric Urges Christians To Seek Repentance

Ash Wednesday: Cleric Urges Christians To Seek Repentance

A visiting priest at St John Mary Vianney Quasi Parish in Kubwa district of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT),  Fr. Robert Achiaga has urged Christians to seek repentance of their sins from God, especially as the Church begins the Lenten season with the Ash Wednesday.

Speaking during the Mass to commemorate the Ash Wednesday yesterday, Achiaga explained that the ashes being placed on forehead of Christians was a symbol of repentance, urging the parishioners to use the Lenten season to work towards returning to God, their father.

“The ashes are symbols. It shows that we have decide to humble ourselves remembering that we are dust and dust we shall return. It is a symbol that we have repented and have returned back to God,” he said.

He also called on Christians to use the moment of lent to fast together with the faithful throughout the world, urging them to pray without season as a christian who does not pray is a powerless christian.

“This fasting is not done as an individual but as a member of the gathering of God’s people, all of us together. Fasting is about setting a boundary. Understand that your fasting is not for yourself but for the church. This fasting is done in communion with other brethren all over the world.

“We are fasting to remember how Jesus fast for forty days and forty nights. We imitate the forty days of the great men of God. It is after the fast of our Lord Jesus. He is the body of the church.

“A christian who does not pray is a powerless christian. Through it, we maintain contact with our lord, Jesus Christ. Fasting is important too. The devil is afraid of the christian who pray but is more afraid of the christians who prays and fast,” he said.

Achiaga who also stated that the Lenten season is not only  characterised by fasting and praying,  but also by giving alms, thereby urged Christians to show love to their neighbours especially those in need of assistance.

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