Beyond the Rhetorics 5

A wise man once said, “a good leader takes the people from where they are to where they ought to be”.

When elected to represent the people, I will not sit back and watch the people lament over a problem. Rather, I will be the one championing the course in finding a lasting solution.

In addition, I will not be the cause of any problem of my people. Like the current betrayal of trust by the incumbent, whereby he sits as the chairman on power in the house, and yet gives no explanation in the darkness the state is thrown into under his watch. Even when the state Governor was so bitter and spoke against the activities of BEDC, (the power providers in the state), the incumbent did not find it expedient to explain the position of things to the people. Instead, he was posting on his social media handles that he is eating Amala in ward 6, and owes no one any explanation! What an insult to the people of Oredo West in particular, and Edo state in general.

When elected, I will be the face of any struggle my people go into. I will not be antagonistic to civil society groups but would form a synergy with them; so that we can collectively hold town hall meetings, and seek sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they are facing.

In summary, be rest assured that when elected, I will not take bribes at the detriment of my people. I can never mortgage people’s interest for selfish reasons.
I have never been, and can never be a self-serving leader!







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