Businessman Raises The Alarm Over Threat To Life In Onitsha

An Abuja-based businessman has raised the alarm over threat to his life and family following his refusal to serve a village deity. The middle-aged man, Mr Sabastine Enemuo, while recounting his heart-wrenching story to newsmen in Onitsha, called on the world to rescue him and his family from the wrath of youth and people of Umualiagu village of Awha Ndiagu, Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State.

According to Mr Enemuo, his trouble started when sometime in December, 2017, the chief priest of their age-long village deity, Chiagariaga, died and the search for a successor began. He said it was the turn of his kindred to produce the chief priest. He stated that he was taken aback when in early January, 2018, some elders and devotees of the deity paid a visit to his home in the village to announce that the oracles have chosen him as the next chief priest, which he frontally rejected, being a devoted Christian.

Amidst tears, Mr Enemuo narrated that in addition to very gruelling initiation procedures, all his family members would have to undergo circumcision and that his young daughter, Emmanuella, who is still thirteen, would have to marry one of the dwarfs serving the deity.

He stated further that it was his refusal to accept their message and take up the role of chief priest that infuriated the emissaries and led to a series of problems for him. In his words, “all my attempts to let them understand my stand fell on deaf ears.”

He said the returned to his based in Abuja and shunned the initiation time given to him by the elders. Unfortunately for him, he returned to the village with his family on June 12, 2018, to see his aged murder and was met with attack from the youths. According to Mr Enemuo, the elders sent some youths to forcefully drag him and his family to the village square to tell them why they refused to attend the initiation. He and his family resisted and were attacked with objects and had ashes poured all over their bodies.

He said they were rescued by a good Samaritan after sustaining various degrees of injuries and had to sneak out and back to Abuja, where they received medical attention. He said on learning about the escape, the youths descended on their family house, set it on fire and beat up his younger brother, Chukwudi, who died a few days after from injuries sustained in the attack. His aged mother, according to him, has been taking refuge in her father’s village, having escaped the attacked thanks to the kind gestures of some brave villagers.

Mr Enemuo told newsmen he has been running from one city or town to the other and would relocate with his family at the slightest whiff of danger. He said he has complained to the police in Abuja but nothing has been done about his predicament.

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