Chief Angela Ogeyi Odey – The Kind of Leader Yala Needs Now

Every era in history demands a leader who understands the interplay between time and changes and has the capacity to marry such changes to the demands of time.

Yala has been in dare need of a leader, who can be there for the masses any time he/she is needed. Yala people have outgrown a stage whereby, mandates are given to people based on how interesting their political propaganda and pleasantries might sound.

We are now in the era, whereby, we are judged by every single move we make, our utterances, body languages, antecedents and all the likes. Even the most typical person in Yala now knows that, politics should be for the greatest benefits of the masses, rather than for self aggrandisement. So they can’t be easily hoodwinked or cajoled by facade of inducement.

To clear the doubt of some Thomases, the track records of Chief Angela, for some few persons who have not been up to date with her landmark achievements, she has not been voted into any elective position in history. However, she has impacted so much in her immediate community, Adiero, Okpoma and the entire Yala through Oja-Ugu Foundation,whose membership is drawn from the entire Cross River North.

Chief Angela’s strong bond for people has endeared her to very many people who named their children after her. She is accessible and closer to people than a heart can fanthom

Chief Angela is not of the school of thought that, rocket science or billions of Naira or Dolllars are needed to make meaningful impacts in the lives of people and progress in Yala.

Chief Angela has, through her exposure, had the connections within and outside Cross River to make waves of development in the LGA.

She is surrounded by technocrats, who can make the needed change happen.

Dangote, the richest black man on earth, CEO of Apple, Job Steve, of his blessed memory; Bill Gate, the richest man on earth, the youngest billionaire, Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Facebook; all of them are making waves today, because they had the passions to make impacts and allowed people of like minds make their inputs.

She is very determined to develop a solution that will serve as a template and compass for developments in Yala.

Looking at the setback from the absence of banks in Yala, she has expressed her concerns and is determined to, through an inclusive government, collaborate with well-meaning Yala sons and daughters, both home and abroad to bring banks to Yala.

Yala untapped potentials, will be activated through a combination of development programs which will be captured in details in her manifesto.

Chief Angela had been doing it, using smart and simple solutions. It is inborn in her. Leaders, in my own opinion, are born and Chief Angela is a rare gem among them.

Team Oja-Ugu

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