Lagos — A coalition of civil society group has dismissed recent reports that the Acting DG of FIIRO, Dr Chima Igwe has been indicted by the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) on issues relating to his academic Qualification.

The group, in a statement by its spokesperson, Comrade Ayodeji Emmanuel described the report as falacious and a calculated attempt to double speak with all intent to forcefully indict Igwe playing the ethnic card and rejigging a matter hitherto earlier resolved by the commission.

The group has challenged the ICPC to make public the parameters by which her latest report is premised citing an earlier clearance given to Igwe and signed by the chairman of the commission, Professor Bolaji Owasanoye Which runs totally against what was recently issued by the spokesperson of the commission wondering if the agency now double speak by herself.

Citing the content of the earlier letter which was made available to newsmen in Lagos, the commissioner in a letter addressed to the honourable minister of Science and Technology and dated September 20, 2019 s igned by her chairman had said that Igwe ” attended and obtained a Ph.D certificate from University D’ Aboney Calavi Republic of Benin and consequently, allegatjions that he forged his Ph.D certificate was unsubstantiated as it is found that he obtained all his certificates in accordance with laid down procedure “
Subsequently, premised on the clearance by the ICPC, the permanent secretary of the ministry of Science and Technology, Bitrus Bako Nabasu had recommended Igwe to the governing board of the institute for appointment as the acting DG.

The group alleges the ICPC and particularly her south west office of conspiracy with the labour union of the institute who are also alleged of playing ethnic card towards forcefully having Igwe removed and someone from another region of the country appointed as the DG.

It challenge the ICPC to publish its parameters of findings so its data could be disaggregated rather than allow herself to be used by a few ethnic jingoist in bringing to disrepute a man who has done so much for himself and this country in the area of research and landmark patents.
ICPC had on Sunday through her spokesperson indicted Igwe saying though he attended the acclaimed school and completed study for doctorate, he did not defend his final thesis and hence could not have been adjudged to have had the qualification.

“The reality is that ICPC has allowed herself to be influenced by powers that be in making two different reports in a space of four months been known as a thorough agency which won’t make claims without accurate and far reaching investigation” the group said.

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