Coalition Says The Supreme Court Did Not Nullify The Certificate Of Return Of Senator Stephen Odey

The Centre for Credible Leadership & Citizens Awareness has corrected the wrong speculations in the media space that the Supreme Court nullified the election of Senator Stephen Odey.

Speaking to journalists on Monday in Abuja, the Director General of Centre for Credible Leadership & Citizens Awareness, Dr. Nwambu Gabriel, said that the Supreme Court did not rule on the substantive appeal of the matter, instead, it ruled on preliminary objection about improper service by substituted means, whereas, the same Supreme Court granted an order that the parties be served via substituted mean and all the parties were in court.

“The Supreme Court did not nullify the certificate of return of the serving senator, Dr. Odey, neither was the seat declared vacant. In other words, it is pertinent to also state clearly that the Supreme Court did not sack Dr. Odey. Of course such powers do not reside with the Supreme Court. It is the election Tribunal which can rule on such matters before it currently, Dr. Nwambu said.

The coalition said it has pondered on the entire matter and even wondered if the Judiciary is really the hope of the common man consequent to some observations in the Supreme Court on the 25th of February, 2021.

The statement read “The situation here is very clear. Section 285 (13) of the 1999 constitution as amended clearly state “that no tribunal or court shall declare any person winner of an election when he has not participated in all the stages of that election”.

“Two fellows are involved here. One contested an election, the other did not, but wants to truncate justice, lie on oath, deceive Judges and fraudulently obtain judgment in his favour. A situation where an individual run from one court in Port Harcourt to another in Calabar and then to the FCT High Court, all in a bid to fraudulently obtain Judgement. This is further worsened by the fact that all these courts have no Jurisdiction over the matter.

“We would then wish to ask if the Judiciary is for buying and selling. If the judiciary is for the money bags. If the judiciary is for the highest bidder? This further explains why President Mohammadu Buhari had made a genuine and concerted efforts towards reforming the Nigeria Judiciary as a formidable arm of government. Little wonder the Judiciary still tops the chat as one of the most corrupt government institutions in Nigeria.

“For us in the Civil Society, this kind of incidence where a man who did not contest election coming to contest the seat of a Senator who has been sworn-in is completely absurd. It is worse than book-haram, banditry and kidnapping put together.

“We also wondered the interest of the Governor of a state in the politics of another state. Why the gang-up? His offence; he contested and won an election…This trend definitely is not healthy for our democracy.

“By this medium we wish to commend the Principal Officers of the 9th Senate ably led by the Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawan, as a man of impeccable character who has demonstrated unrelenting support for our democracy for standing firm in the defence of justice in spite of so much pressure by some clandestine groups to indulge in injustice, thereby truncating the height already attained as true democrat he is. The legal department is hereby commended for insisting on legal and legitimate due process as far as the Senate is concerned. Nigerians are indeed watching with keen interest the desperate disposition of some politicians who should not be found in the corridors of power.

“Lastly, we wish to re- emphasize that Senator Dr. Steve Odey is still the Senator representing Cross River North Senatorial District as his seat was not declared vacant neither was his certificate of return nullified by any court of competent jurisdiction in Nigeria, Dr. Nwambu concluded.

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