CSO Makes Case For 35% Defence Budget

By Ebriku John Friday

A Civil Society Organisation, Competent Governance For Accountability And Civic Trust on Tuesday made a passionate appeal to the Federal Government on why defence budget should be increase to 35%.

President Tinubu

The group during a press conference in Abuja notes that security is the primary and major scope of any government and without security nothing will thrive, as every other sector are anchored on security.

The Executive Director of Competent Governance For Accountability And Civic Trust, Amb. Godwin Oghenero Erheriene during the conference called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR who is saddled with the responsibility of securing lives and properties in Nigeria as the Chief security officer of Nigeria to jerk up defence budget to 35% to address rising logistics and welfare needs

He said, “This year’s budget, which defence got 12 percent only of the total budget is nothing compared to what security is all about. No country in this world are budgeting 12 percent of thier budget to defence, it’s way too low considering the responsibilities and importance of the sector. We the civil society organization are calling on the FG to increase the budget of Defence to 35 percent for more productivity.

He recalled that recently the Honourable Minister of FCT Barr Neyosom Wike blamed the incessant occurrences of kidnapping and abductions in Abuja on inadequate equipment.

“If FCT that is hosting the seat of Power of the Federal Republic of Nigeria lack the requisite prerequisite to track criminals and terrorist what will then be the faith of States? It shows States will continue to be at the mercies of banditry, kidnapping and terrorism.

“It’s on the hills of the above we are calling on the FG to increase the budget of Defence to 35 percent for more efficiency. As the security sector is the most vital organ and most powerful organ of any government anywhere in the world and as such, it’s the most expensive sector too, as you are not unaware, security is expensive and the most potent sector of a government. The security sector is the key sector where other sectors rides on. Without security we are going nowhere as a Nation.”

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