Edo State House of Assembly Crisis: Oredo West Deserves Better – Eghosa Agbonifo

The ongoing political argy-bargy in Edo State that was rapidly catalyzed by the controversial inauguration of ‘selected members-elect’ of the House of Assembly by Governor Godwin Obaseki and his APC led government, has given credence to the wise saying, ‘if you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind’.

With respect to the exalted office of the State Governor as the number one citizen in the state, I have struggled to refrain from getting involved in the state House of Assembly inauguration hubbub. Another reason for my refrain in speaking for or against, was that I saw it as a family issue that should be resolved in-house. However, it became quite impossible for me to keep quiet as members of my constituency kept asking for my position, and what I am doing to help the situation as a stakeholder in the constituency. This reminded me of the words of my maternal grandmother. She would often say, “when you have a mad neighbour that wants to set his house on fire, you have to be ready to help him put it out, not because you care about him and his madness, but because your house would be at risk of being gutted in the inferno if you watch and do nothing”.

In view of that, I would want to state that this article is necessitated by the effect of the ongoing imbroglio on the good people of Oredo-west. Left to me, the Governor should enjoy the harvest, after all, he turned down the voice of reasoning in defence of competence, on the altar of party politics. He deluded himself into believing he would have the loyalty of the elected members since he played a key role in their emergence. And so in the full glare of God the creator, and the good people of Oredo, he mobilised the state resources to thwart the choice of the people. Efforts to make him pay attention to reasoning and to understand that muzzling the whole seats for his party against the wish of the people is not political sagacity, was a task in otiosity. Today, the man he imposed on us has not been inaugurated, leaving our constituency without a representative. This to us is unacceptable, as he is shortchanging our constituency.

The masses in Oredo-West are not concerned about the politics within your party, you can burn down your house for all we care but don’t get us gutted in the inferno.
For the good of Oredo-West, we call on the warring parties to sheath their swords as there is no political disagreement that cannot be resolved on a negotiation table. They should for once, consider the people they govern, and do less of politics and more of service. Governor Godwin Obaseki still has enough time to add his name to the list of outstanding Governors the State has produced. He should stop the absurd and derogatory political drama that does nothing but drag the name of the State in the mud, especially the recent ethnic colouration he is giving the conflict. He cannot divide the State along ethnic lines because of his personal interest. Oredo-West is bigger than Hon. Christopher Ewere Okaeben, and his grievances with Chris should not be used as an alibi to deny our constituency of what is rightfully ours!

The good people of Oredo-West and Edo state, in general, deserve better.

God bless Oredo-West!
God blees Edo State!!
God bless Nigeria!!!

Eghosa Asemota Agbonifo
PDP Candidate, EDHA, Oredo-West

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