Edo Voters, Beware of Liars and Peddlers of Falsehood

Barely 24 hours ago, three members of the EDOSOPADEC, resigned their appointments, further adding to the political woes of the state governor, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki.
Since then, the governor, via his aides, has been boxed into a corner, trying to figure out the best way of possibly wriggling out of the debilitating impact of the stream of resignations. In so doing, they once again, exposed themselves as a group that has entered into a covenant with lies and falsehood.
Among others, they claimed, as exemplified in a trending social video, further given wings by AIT’s Osamor, that one of the resigned political office holder, Prince Emmanuel Odigie, is a younger brother to late Clara Aiyebho Oshiomhole, former First Lady and wife of Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.

Let me state, unequivocally, that the governor and his aides, including the mindlessly loquacious former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Dan Orbih, lied.

The said Prince Odigie is not, I repeat, not a “junior brother” of the late Clara as they want Nigerians in general and the people of Edo state to believe.

For emphasis, I wish to add as follow’:

1). Prince Odigie and Clara are from Okaigben, Ewohimi. That’s where the connection or relationship ends-no final connection whatsoever.

2). While the Clara is from the very noble Akharagbon family in Idumu Akhilemhen, Okaigben, Ewohimi, Prince Odigie is from the renowned and very prominent Odigie clan from Idum Oboh. None of them is connected either from the maternal and or paternal sides.

3). I speak here, one as someone who was fairly close to the late Clara and knows Prince Odigie fairly well, being also from the same Okaigben Ewohimi as the both of them.

4). I am from the same Idumu Akhilemhen clan as the late Clara even as I was her Press Secretary.

Let me assure you that the attempt to reborn Prince Odigie a “junior brother” to late Clara, thus kitting him as Comrade Oshiomhole’s son in-law a typical reflection and proof of the infernal relationship Obaseki and his disingenuous supporters, including Dan Orbih, have with lies and falsehood.

Let me add also that their avowed commitment to the romance they have with lies and falsehood further strengthened our long held view that the people of Edo state must distance themselves from every inch of every word from both Governor Obaseki and his supporters. No liar or peddler of falsehood is deserving of either the trust or vote of the people of Edo state.

This is to inform the good people of Edo state that they must be wary of the antics of desperate liars and peddlers of falsehood. Their only concern is how best to achieve their Machivelian dreams.

Facts speak for themselves.

Ernest Omoarelojie
Fmr Press Secretary to
Late Mrs Clara Aiyebho Oshiomhole

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