…Distribute exercise books, present cash gifts to excellent pupils

As part of the second phase of it’s WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL PROJECT, the Hope for the Young Initiative (HYi) on Thursday visited primary schools in Okuku and Ugaga, where school fees of 17 less privileged pupils were settled.

The community-based organisation also used their visit to the schools to distribute exercise books, other writing materials and made presentation of financial gifts to some pupils who answered some questions correctly.

According to one of the founders, Miss Lydia Yegraowo Okache, the schools visited in it’s day one outreach programme includes, Government Primary School, Ipuole Okuku and Holy Child Convent Primary School Ugaga, in in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State.

She revealed that the organisation paid the school fees of 6 and 11 pupils of Government Primary School, Ipuole Okuku and Holy Child Convent Primary School Ugaga respectively.

The co-founder of the initiative is Onah Godwin, and other team members are, Miss Okwori Mary Amicable and Miss Ipuole Faith.

While expressing appreciations to all who made contributions, Miss Okache and Mr Onah appealed for further assistance from spirited members of the public to help them reach more indigent pupils who have been sent home for inability to pay school fees and meet other school needs challenges.

She said, “Putting a smile on someone else is true happiness. Day 1 outreach to different schools.

“It was a huge success today as we (hope for the young initiative HYI) kick start the WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL project in different schools where we gave out writing materials to the pupils, gave financial gifts to those that answer questions correctly, pay for some pupils to barb their hairs AND we also paid 6 LESS privileged pupils in Government PRIMARY SCHOOL IPUOLE Okuku and 11 less privileged pupils in HOLY CHILD CONVENT primary school Ugaga.

I and my co founder Godwin Onah who was with me in the field and Okwori Mary Amicable Faith Ipuole wants to thank all that contributed to the success of this and we wish to further appeal for support from you all, to welcome this lovely pupils back to school mostly those who have been driven home from school.”

She added that your 500, 1000 will go a long way. Thank you all as we expect your contributions.

By Ebriku John Friday

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