How I Was Inspired Into Setting Up Santuscom Agro-hub – Santus

By Ebriku John Friday

The CEO Santuscom Agro – hub, producers of the popular #OgojaRice, Chief Paul Santus Ofana, has attributed his decision to set up the agro company and others to the inspiration he received from participating in the Wealth Creation Master Class by Mr Ugochukwu Omeogu.

Chief Paul Santus, Ogoja Rice producer

Chief Ofana, stated this during a live Instagram video interview hosted by Mr Omeogu on Tuesday, who he referred to as Dr of Knowledge. The live interview session, which was titled WEALTHINAIRE BUSINESS CLINIC was viewed by thousands of followers all over the world.

The interview session also provided Chief Ofana, who is now known as Mr Ogoja Rice the opportunity to showcase the Santuscom brand he has created as well as his agro products. They include, the Ogoja Rice, Ogoja Palm Oil, Ogoja Groundnut oil amongst others.

He noted that he divested into the agriculture sector and along it’s value chain to boost food production, guarantee food security, create jobs for youth as well as wealth and boost the economy of the nation.

He further revealed that over a thousand jobs have been created many our teeming unemployed youths and that more will be engaged as the company concludes with it’s expansion plans.

Speaking further, he invited viewers and listeners across the world to tap into the multi-million dollars opportunity in the agriculture sector by investing in the Ogoja Rice Investment Opportunity, recently opened for prospective investors and earn 40% return on investment.

He stressed that all the agriculture produce by the Santuscom Agro-hub are all produced, processed and packaged in the country.

After listening to the energy and testimony of Chief Ofana, the interview host, Mr Ugochukwu Omeogu and his audience were really amazed, stating that they have been blown off their feets.

The session according to Mr Ugochukwu has launched Chief Santus to the third cadre of leadership in the class of world-class entrepreneurs.

It was an inspiring journey of wealth creation.

Chief Paul Santus with his great team

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