“My Husband’s Girlfriend Took My Pant, Bra From Our Home,’’ Wife Tells Court

A 39-year-old food vendor, Adejoke Omotosho, on Thursday told an Igando Customary in Lagos State that her husband’s girlfriend stole her underwear from their matrimonial home. Adejoke, the petitioner, also told the court that her husband, Musiliu Omotosho, was in the habit of bringing his lovers to their one-room apartment.

The couple is blessed with four children. The petitioner sought for divorce of the union on the grounds of lack of care and infidelity. She said that she was the one responsible for the education of their children.

“This is the fifth time that he will bring women into our house; on four occasions I had reported him to our families.

“Most times in the past, they begged me to forgive him because of our children, which I did.

“On this faithful day, my neighbours told me that I had a visitor, but I didn’t understand what they meant, only for me to catch my husband again with another woman in our room.

“I told them that if they were not satisfied with the rounds of sex they had, they should go for more rounds,’’ she said.

The petitioner said that she had run out of patience and wanted the dissolution of her marriage to Musiliu.

“I am running out of patience, I had kept my cool all this while, but I felt I don’t need him again, he has disrespected me enough.

“I discovered after the lady had left our house that she went away with my bra and pants. I allowed her to go with my underwear because I cannot fight over a shameless husband.

“I have checked our lives and I realise that I’m better off without him; I pay our children’s school fees.

“I feed the family and pay the house rent since he had stopped paying. He is of no use to me,’’ Adejoke said.

The petitioner said that she was scared of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD) from her husband due to his unfaithfulness.

“I don’t want to contract any sexually transmitted diseases from him, my children still need me.

“I will be of no use to them if I have HIV or other diseases; I want this marriage dissolved so that I can start my life all over,’’ she said. Adejoke also alleged that her husband was fond of intimidating her sales girls.

“He goes to my shop and harasses my sales girls to give him money from the proceeds of my sales.

“There was a day he went to my shop and broke the door, because I took my keys away from where he could have had access to them.

“I don’t know how I ended up marrying him,’’ she said. Musiliu in his response denied all the allegations.

“ I usually give her N500 per day, a claim Adejoke denied. I pay my bills, but she also assists me as any good wife will do.

“Please, help me beg her because I still love her,’’ he pleaded with the court. Musiliu added,

“Iya Idaya, the woman my wife said I’m dating is a supplier on our site where I am a bricklayer.

“We were not having sex as my wife claimed, there is nothing between us,’’ he said.

The Court President, Adegboyega Omilola, ordered Musiliu to tell his alleged lover to return Adejoke’s underwear.

The president ordered both Musiliu and Adejoke to come along with three members of their respective families for an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) on April 17 when the case would come up.


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