Ogoja the ancient city in the Northern Senatorial district of Cross River State witnessed a wild jubilation on Monday following what has been tagged the triumphant entry of the king of boys, Jarigbe Agom whose return to Ogoja from Abuja, this afternoon, herald the commencement of campaign for his re-election in the green chamber of the National Assembly.

The National Assembly elections holds along side the Presidential Polls on February 16, 2019 and the member of parliament is running under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Beyond Jarigbe’s popularity and political sagacity, the support being given the lawmaker by his constituents is believed to have placed him far above other candidates in the race considering the influence and the political acumen of his party men and his political achievements so far.

The popular and influential politician who while driving around the town waved to his admirers who were singing and shouting ‘Jarigbe Oyoyo, to him endlessly.

While addressing a mamoth crowd gathered to celebrate his return with amid drumming and dancing, Jarigbe enjoined constituents to vote enmasse for the candidates of the PDP.

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