Kumuyi Penetrates India With Words Of Peace

….receives thunderous welcome, acceptance

….as Indians experience the peaceful visitation of a man of Peace

By Ebriku John Friday

The world’s largest democracy, India welcomed and accepted the Convener of GCK, Dr. William F. Kumuyi in collaboration with a TV station in India as he took the message of peace and transformation through Jesus Christ to parts of India.

Dr William F Kumuyi and his wife Sister Esther

The peaceful entry of the Mathematical genius into India became a turning point in the lives of the people as they warmly welcomed, which reverberated sounds of joy in Christ globally.

As a man of peace, the clergy was happily received, decorated with joy, and clad with peace, and on the heels of the Airport reception after touching down, the people arranged a special motorcade and proceeded to the city, showing him with joy and flowers, amidst multiple gun salutes.

Then joyfully the people led him through the city in an open-roof Jeep, as God’s servant, Dr. W.F. Kumuyi, a prominent divine messenger known for fostering spiritual devotion alongside advancements in education and healthcare fields in the country, addressed the event, which was organized under the leadership of Brother Benher Jackkula, CEO of Rakshna TV, and Andhra Pradesh State pastors Fellowship, vice president, Rev. Joseph Benny, and district Pastors Fellowship President. Rev. Sagar Kakinada, the program aimed at conducting numerous sessions under the GCK India, where prominent figures gathered to discuss and lead various sessions.

Meanwhile, he (Kumuyi) a youth at heart at 82, continuously serves in divine activities, demonstrating unwavering commitment, and praying for India. He was happy to take the Global outreach to various churches, where He proclaimed the message of peace, admonished the young men to peace, and promoted the message of peace and blessings for all.

The collage of his messages from place to place in the Churches all over India experienced a new touch of peace with multiple services across India.

The Church services and also as part of the pre-Christmas celebration were glorious, and this led to joy as many joined the Indians globally to herald the message of peace and love through Christ to all.

Meanwhile, Reverend Y. Mohan Babu, Reverend Edward Rosie, Reverend Jesus Padam, and Reverend Deven Kumar, all actively engaged in divine service, spoke during the event and there were other ministers including renowned Indian gospel artists who ministered in songs.

And there was a special testimony by Dr Benny Prasad, on how God can transform a zero life to become a Hero, this caught the attention of the people, and they were elated.

On the last day of the Global outreach with Kumuyi, GCK, there was the launch of a Book authored by the Convener Dr. William Kumuyi titled ‘Kumuyi Defender of the Faith’ translated into Telugu language, which reverberated sounds of Joy in Christ globally.

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