The immediate past Senior Special Adviser to Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade on Mobilization and Enlightenment, Chief Mrs Angela Ogeyi Odey has officially declared her decision to contest for Yala Local Government Area plum job, as chairman of council.

Chief Odey, who made the declaration on Friday in a Facebook post, where she outlined her vision for a prosperous Yala said, “It is time to change the sordid narration of the Yala nation.”

The Founder of the popular grassroots Oja Ugu Foundation, which was born out the quest to reach out to the downtrodden and less privileged in the society, said her government at the grassroots would focus on proactive governance, security, economy and the environment.

According to her, “Transforming the dream of Yala into enviable reality requires Capacity, Empathy, and Competence. And as a Mother who aspires to be the Chairperson of Yala LGA I possess the above qualities.”

She said, “Yala nation is blessed with enormous potential, and from my interactions with many of you, my hope and conviction for a better and prosperous Yala is rekindled every day.

“I see hope, and determination boldly written on your faces, in spite of the many challenges and difficulties we face. This unrelenting spirit of optimism gives me hope that we must never give up on Yala, and Yala must be great again!.

“It is a known fact that there is a huge disconnect and a mismatch between our God-given potential and achievements, despite this anomaly, it also presents an opportunity to rekindle our innovative spirits and turn the Yala dream into an enviable reality.”

She declared that, With an unrelenting commitment to a prosperous Yala nation, and wide range consultations, I offer myself to serve as the Chairperson of Yala LGA.

She said, “I offer myself in the spirit of Patriotism, Selflessness and Optimism for a prosperous Yala nation. I make this declaration today because of thousands of our youths who are either underpaid or unemployed. I make this declaration today for God to use me to free us from unimaginable suffering.

“I make this declaration today because of the insecurity that has claimed the lives of promising youths.We are fed up with the antics of selfish politicians, whose priority is self-aggrandizement.

“It is time to change the sordid narration of the Yala nation.

“It is time to entrust the future of Yala to a visionary, and pragmatic leader.

She stressed that It is time for new leadership, where our youths are encouraged to fulfill their God-given potentials, and not subjugated to slavery.

Yala youths are smart, relentless, visionary, and courageous. We must not let these potentials continue to waste.

Transforming the dream of Yala into enviable reality requires Capacity, Empathy, and Competence. And as a Mother who aspires to be the Chairperson of Yala LGA I possess the above qualities.

If it is about Capacity: My ascension as Double Crown Manager at Edmark within the shortest period of time, demonstrates my commitment to capacity building.

If it is about Empathy: The formation of Oja-Ugu, one of the largest socio-political groups in Yala is borne out of altruism. We have ensured hundreds of children are back in school. Oja-Ugu has embarked on the constructions of class-rooms, payment of school fees, providing start-up capitals for entrepreneurs, etc.

If it is about Competence: My work as the Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Mobilization and Enlightenment played a crucial role in dispelling falsehood and disseminating factual information. My role in ensuring Peace reigns supreme is there for everyone to see.

Honestly, the path to the total economic recovery and prosperity of Yala is arduous and long. However, I want to assure the good people of Yala that:

In Unison, we can chart a new course.

In Unison, we can actualize the Yala dream.

In Unison, we can harness our God-given potentials to the admiration of all.

The agenda of my government under my leadership includes;

My government will be composed of proactive and pragmatic individuals based entirely on merit. Under my leadership, effective strategies that ensure economic development will be enthroned.

Under my leadership, the lingering communal clashes will be decisively dealt with, thus ensuring the security and safety of lives and property in Yala.

Under my leadership, the public-private partnership will be prioritized which would create employment for thousands of unemployed youths. The massive vocational education system, pragmatic employment of our comparative advantage in areas of mechanized agriculture,

Accessible feeder road to our farm and created small scale Agro processing factories that will add value to our farm products.

Ensuring quality healthcare is accessible to all. Under my leadership, Healthcare will be prioritized.

The environment we live has great impact on our general health. My government shall embark on intensive educational programme that inculcate personal cleanliness, environmental sanitation in our people.

I am making this declaration today because of my undying love, and my vision for a prosperous Yala.

My brothers and sisters, this is a movement borne out of altruism and vision, a collective movement to right the wrongs of yesterday by ensuring we elect a credible and responsible leader, whose interest aligns with the interest of the people.

Ending this declaration, I would like to thank my Family, Mentors, and friends. My ever-supportive husband, thank you for pushing me to be the best version of Me. Thank you!. And to my lovely children , I am proud of you, my great and wonderful supporters you are the best.

The Great People of Yala, This is achievable, We Can Do It.”

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