NCPC Boss, Others Dedicate Commission, Pilgrimage In Nigeria To Jesus Christ

In what turned out to be a carnival of the Clergy, the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), had a turning point as the Commission and it activities were publicly dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ by the Executive Secretary of NCPC, Rev. Tor Uja.

While dedicating the commission Uja  said, “We want to ask for the rulership and total control of God for NCPC and Christian Pilgrimage in Nigeria”. He stressed the need for the church to begin to emphasize more on Jesus Christ than God. According to him, “we want Jesus Christ to be the signature not just of NCPC, but the nation”.

Rev. Uja explained that in whatever pilgrimage programme the Commission under takes, “let Jesus be the object and influence”. He added, “the main thing we want to see is Jesus Christ glorified”.

The NCPC helmsman while dedicating the Commission formally to God before eminent Church Leaders across the country recognized the important role of the Church as very strategic in nation building as well as the role his predecessors played to move pilgrimage in Nigeria to the level it has attained.


He said, “I hand over NCPC beginning from myself, all the Staff and those involve in the pilgrimage process”. He added: “may they all serve the purpose of the Lord, may they be blessings to Nigeria”. He further affirmed: “may each pilgrim experience all round healing”.

The NCPC boss also appreciated the invaluable contributions of the Federal and State governments in advancing the cause of Christian pilgrimage in Nigeria. In his landmark declaration he stated: “I hand over Nigeria as a nation to the world where no one will be hindered to participate in pilgrimage on account of finances and national circumstances”.

In his ministration, Bishop Wilfred Anagbe of Catholic Diocese of Makurdi said that the unity of the Church can never be compromised. He posited that “when we are together in unity, a lot of things must happen”.


The Catholic Bishop who was represented by Rev. Fr. Ortese urged the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) at the national to always speak in one voice for the unity of Christian community in Nigeria and for the unity of NCPC.

In his ministration, Apostle Zilley Aggrey affirmed that “this regime of NCPC will promise testimonies of changed lives”. According to him, “we are moving from one glory to another glory”. He stated further: “the very grace of our Lord Jesus Christ will cause pilgrimage in this season to be very successful”.

Also speaking at the glorious event, Rev. William Okoye stated that it is time to bring spiritual depth in pilgrimage. While Archbishop John Praise affirmed: “I believe we have come into a new chapter, a new page in NCPC”.


The convergence of prominent Clergy in NCPC who witnessed this landmark dedication of the Commission and Christian Pilgrimage in Nigeria to the Lord Jesus Christ was unprecedented.

Most of the Church leaders also had the opportunity to offer goodwill messages while prayers for Nigeria, for NCPC and Christian Pilgrimage in Nigeria, for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem and the need for the continued sponsorship of Christian pilgrimage by Federal and State governments were also offered.

The NCPC board was represented by Rev. Dr. Zion Solomon Ibenye, who is the Federal Commissioner representing the South East Zone. He affirmed the total support of the board to the leadership of Rev.Tor Uja.


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