Pilgrimage: Clergy Charges Pilgrims To Pray For Nigeria’s Peace, Stability

Christian Teaching Center’s Rev Michael Akpami and Secretary General of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) FCT chapter has charged Nigerian Christian pilgrims in Israel to be fervent in pray for peace and economic stability in Nigeria.

Akpami, who made the call on Sunday at the Sea of Galilee during a prayer session with the Federal Capital Territory pilgrims, said the prayer was essential as without national peace and economic stability there would be no meaningful development in any nation.

He said, “We should not forget to pray to God to continue to bring peace and stability in the country in our supplications. Nigeria is our country and we don’t have any other place to run to if there are no peace and stability.”

The clergy stressed that it is necessary for the pilgrims to seize this rare opportunity of being at the Sea of Galilee to offer prayers for our nation Nigeria to overcome challenges it is facing and for all development plans and policies initiated by government to start yielding fruits.

“As citizens, we should rededicate ourselves to the service of our country”, he said while reminding the pilgrims that a prayer for one’s nation and her leaders is an indirect route for praying to God to meet their individual needs and aspirations.

“Our people back home should also join in the prayers believing the Almighty God he will answer the prayers for a better tomorrow.

“Let Nigerian Christians in Israel and those at home devote their time seeking God’s intervention to restore peace in the troubled parts of the country, help our economy to recover, help the leaders to deliver on our promises and solidify the unity and stability of our country so that individual citizens can realize their genuine hopes and aspirations”.

“We should pray for our leaders so that God will give them the wisdom to lead the country right,’’ he said.

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