PMB Happy With Provision Of Electricity To Rural Communities – Power Minister

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed satisfaction in the performance of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), in providing electricity to rural communities across the Country.

President Buhari

Speaking on a television interview in Abuja, the Minister of State Power, Goddy Jedy Agba disclosed that President Buhari has at different platforms Expressed satisfaction at the performance of the ministry of power in the provision of rural electrification in the six geo-political zones.

Agba said, inspite of the covid-19 pandemic rural electrification projects were commissioned in about 14 states of the country, stressing that the budget performance for 2020 in all the agencies under his control attained the highest in recent times.

The minister noted that executive policies formulated for the power sector are environmental friendly to encourage urban and rural electrification, especially at the time when the people yearn for development of needed and critical infrastructure in the country.

Mr Jeddy Agba

‘ Our strategy is to ensure we electrify rural communities taken them one after the other in the six Geo-political zones of the country, it is a trajectory for us, we have done if, we are doing it, we shall continue to do it’.

‘The testimonies of our projects cited in rural communities are not incomunicado or in the state of oblivion, there are there for all Nigerians to see, these are verifiable projects for those who are sceptic to see, and we shall not relent or be hesitant to ensure that Rural Communities in the country have adequate supply of electricity.

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