Security Architecture, Armed Forces Under Tinubu More Proactive Now – Coalition

The Coalition for Truth and Justice (CTJ) has commended the Armed Forces of Nigeria for its proactive, coordinated and strategic approach to tackling insecurity.

The Coalition, which made this known in its quarterly appraisal report of security, described the appointment of Gen Christopher Musa as Chief of Defence Staff and other security chiefs as a masterstroke. 

In the report co-signed by Dr. Joyce Ogwu and Abubakar Ibrahim, the Coalition also hailed the Defence Chief for his coordination of the Armed Forces to meet the nation’s security needs and challenges.

The report further lauded President Bola Tinubu for assembling a perfect team to address the emerging security threats facing the country.

The Coalition said Gen Musa has been able to collaborate and synergize with other security chiefs to improve on its mandate of sustaining peace and tranquillity in the country.

Admitting that the nation has witnessed pockets of security breaches, the report noted that the team has demonstrated capacity, zeal and patriotism.

It added that the security chiefs have made tremendous sacrifices for their fatherland so far, such that has never been witnessed in history.

The Coalition, therefore, concluded that Gen Musa and his team are very much on track and urged Nigerians to continue to support the troops to protect the country’s territorial integrity and democratic rule. 

“When the Chief of Defence Staff took over the helms of affairs in June, he reiterated the determination of the military to go after terrorists, bandits and other criminals in full force.

“He was particular about synergy and collaboration. In a few months, the Armed Forces of Nigeria have been re-positioned to operational effectiveness.

“The Armed forces under Gen Musa have risen to tackle new threats, decimating a large number of terrorists without serious human rights breaches on the civilian population. 

“The command and control structure has been rejigged and under the active supervision of the Defence Headquarters. This is beginning to yield results as the country has been witnessing relative peace and stability. 

“This will give the President the leverage of putting these state actors to work effectively and to also keep devising strategies in handling the challenges posed by non-state actors.”

The Coalition for Truth and Justice (CTJ), however, urged Gen Musa and other security heads to continue in this light until the remnants of criminals are eliminated.

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