Senator Stephen Odey: An Irresistible Brand in Yache,Cross River Political Firmaments

By Solugo Solugo, Calabar

With productivity being a function of value addition in every sector across the globe. Distinguished Senator Stephen Odey’s meteoric rise in popularity is enamoured by his productive ideology in administration and politics in Yache nation and Cross River North.

Senator Stephen Odey

Before his emergence as Chairman Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board ,Nigeria (SUBEB) in 2015, projects attributed to SUBEB were barely heard or seen. However, Distinguished Senator Stephen Odey PhD rejigged this important sector through a meticulous productive insight and has evinced every crucible with verifiable performance across the state. Indeed,it is courtesy of his ingenuity and productive work rate that has seen SUBEB plateau with giant projects across 196 wards in Cross River State.

Senator (Dr) Odey is an irresistible brand in Cross River politics and a giant political iroko in Yache nation. In less than ten months in the national assembly,he achieved significant milestones like advocacy for road infrastructure in Yache, Ukelle and other places in the Senatorial District. Impact driven bills that would have placed the district on a new curve if the bills were not truncated by the court ambush.

Little wonder, Joseph Omaga Onyina a proud Yache son in admiration for the technocrat maintained that, “Yache, a hot cake for politicians, courtesy of Distinguished Senator Stephen Odey Ph D who worked so hard to increase her voting numerical strength. Win Yache and you win all”.

This affirms that whatever political status Yache nation is attracting today, it is courtesy of the enigmatic passion for service displayed by the cerebral and charismatic leader whose speed and foresight at governance is a cynosure for all. His love for Yache nation has become a measurement barometer for many in private and public political discourse.

Do you know that some nations in Yala and other areas across the state wished to have a leader with a complementary passion for his people such as Senator Stephen Odey? If in doubt, make proper findings about the legend of Yache politics,you would affirm that he is an irresistible brand in Yache, Yala, Cross River North and across the state.This implies that he is the political elixir of Yache nation in the current dispensation.

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