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There is a growing recognition of the untapped capacity and talents of women and women’s leadership in politics. Over the last two decades, the rate of women’s participation in national and global politics has incrementally increased. Politics has always been about ideology, delivering service to the people and about solving problems. Therefore political platforms must afford everyone unfettered opportunity to participate in the electoral process and to solve the problems of their community.

Princess Barbara Agoye

This brings to the front burner Princess Barbara Agoye from Obudu LGA in Cross River State. She is a Businesswoman, politician, administrator, farmer, fashion designer, entrepreneur etc etc who has enjoyed a fulfilling life and career with a barrage of sterling achievements in various parlance of her interest, including but not limited to education, peace and entrepreneurial development.

Over the weekend she was sighted on arrival at Transcorp Calabar in her shredded jeans, cow girl boots and hood covering her face with shades , where she had several close door meetings ahead of the 2023 general election. For those who may not know much about her, she joined the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP at age 18, working hand-in-hand with President Olusegun Obasanjo 2003 re-election campaign organisation. During that period, she worked directly under Otunba Fasewe Johnson; a personal friend to President Obasanjo. Rumors has it then that she made so much money and acquired houses in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja before she was 20 years. Her astute political acumen took her to another level in Akwa-Ibom State during the 2015 general election were the people of the State nick named her Deputy Resident Electoral Commissoner of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. During that dispensation, both local and international papers in Akwa-Ibom had a field feast of this young lady who has found a way to remain extremely private despite her towering political milage.

PrincessBee as she is popularly called is the founder and CEO of Princess Barbara Agoye Foundation, (PBAF), Barberry Dykes Garments and MD/CEO of Princess Bee Foods Ltd. The Foundation is a non-profit Organization that is focused on supporting the less privileged by providing them with the needed assistance, succor to the needy and less privileged through empowerment, programs and other Humanitarian services. PBAF has been very instrumental in the fight against poverty through women empowerments, skill acquisition, girl child education and women rights. Princess Bee Foods Limited is an exporter of local foods like palm oil, kernel nuts, cereals, cashew nuts, Agro food items, cocoa, ginger, ogbono, spices and soup ingredients to the United Kingdom, U.S.A and Canada.

Her educational qualifications include a Diploma in Law from the University of Abuja, a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and most recently; a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of West Scotland in the United Kingdom. Her resume’ is so rich with lots of other leadership programs, trainings and certificates to her credit.

This beautiful daughter of one of the first generation politicians, Dr Simon Agoye is bold, a go-getter, a mobilizer, an Amazon, a renowned businesswoman and a serial entrepreneur. This is evidenced by the string of successful businesses she has built in the fields of fashion, exports, Agriculture and food processing. Princess Barbara is very passionate about the plight of the girl child in Nigeria, hence the reason why Princess Barbara Foundation was setup to nurture, develop, and protect the girl child in 2016. The foundation has continued to touch the life of the girl child not only in the state but in the South- South region.

Truly, Princess Barbara Agoye is an inspiration to many people, young and old. Her life of impactful years indicates that she is a force to reckon with as great leaders are both born and trained to rise to make a landmark in life and destiny. Her visit to Calabar recently is not yet clear if she is in the APC or the PDP but one thing we should know if she is brutal in the way she has spent over 20 years playing, she will leave a bitter taste in the mouth of her opposition. So whichever team she choose to play for or against, we should all watch out.

Barbara is a super easy going personality and sociable but young guys shouldn’t raise thier hopes up because available information indicates that her love life is more private and exclusive. The watch word is know your class before you approach. We can tell you much about this beautiful daughter of Obudu who has not been on the Social Media till recently. Below are her handles:
Facebook: Princess Barbara Agoye.
IG: princessbeeagoye5382
Official FanPage: Princess Barbara Agoye

More to come……

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