Tribute To My Late Mum By Thomas Odey Magu

It is a year today since you were laid to rest but the memories of your death still remain fresh in our mind. My ever vibrant and energetic mum, so down to earth and she is ever willing to serve all that came across her. Never once did I come to the village that you weren’t on your feet and busy in the kitchen to prepare something for people around you to eat and make them comfortable. You lived a life full of stress; always sacrificing for your siblings.

Many will bear witness that you were compassionate to all that you came across like a good Samaritan, educationist, community mobilizer and a lover of God. You were selfless in all fields of life providing people what they needed without having anything for yourself. You gathered resources to start life only to be scattered by your benevolence. You sacrificed that others may enjoy. No sooner that you organized for well being of yourself than you squandered for the interest of your fellow human being.

Humanity will testify to the glory of God the quality of a Christian living you had and even those that would not want you.

Most times I ask myself why the good ones don’t last? But how can they when this world is full of evil and wickedness.

My dearest mum, I know for certain that you are resting with your Maker because of the words of scripture in wisdom chapter 3:1 “the soul of the righteous are in the hands of God… “So I am consoled.

You were the best mother anyone could ask of the best of all, you left us when the fruit of your labour is yet unripe, oh! What an everlasting lost? It is like a building destroyed before completion or a foundation vandalised before the rods are put in place.

Your death has created a vacuum and God allowed this to happen that His name may be glorified.

Adieu mother, may you continue to find rest in God’s bosom.

Thomas Odey Magu, lecturer/researcher, department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

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