Trump: A liar, Robber, Scammer and Fraudster – Time Magazine 

By Ahmed Oluwasanjo

In the run-up to the the election that would produce the the 45th president in America – the oldest democracy in the world – the campaign seems to be getting intense and messier. 

Today, the Time magazine on its cover page with the face of the most vocal and verbose candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, described Trump in a derogative and highly derisive manner as a “liar”, “scammer”, “robber”, and a “fraudster”.

This might be received well by the Muslim community, Nigerians, illegal migrants and other communities with America who see Trump as a threat to them and the world at large.

However, Trump earlier reacted to a media attack via his Twitter handle @realDonaldTrump saying, “The negative television commercials about me, paid for by the politicians bosses, are a total #Mediafraud. When you watch, remember!”



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