Yala Elders, Traditional Rulers, Youths Seek God’s Intervention Over Reoccurring Disasters, Calamities

By Ebriku John Friday

Recently, Yala elders, traditional rulers and youths under the umbrella of “Yala Going Back To The Root Prayer” asked for God’s intervention over the rapid disaster befalling Yala people and land. The elders, traditional rulers and youths were drawn from communities that makes up Western and Eastern Yala in Yala LGA of Cross River State.

The purpose was to go back to the Almighty God with prayers and supplication through the ancestors, Yala crowned chiefs and elders of Yala land. All the crowned chiefs and elders were invited to a common traditional place, Akpada in Itega Ekpudu which is the generally accepted place common to all Yala sons and daughters.

The purpose of the prayers was the disaster that has continued to befall Yala people and Yala land in rapid succession of late and in recent past; too numerous to mention. This purpose was achieved as expected via prayers and cleansing of the land to prevent future occurrence.

Speaking at the event , Barr Joseph Ochunu said the rapid calamities and untimely deaths befalling Yala of recent past requires urgent prayers and cleansing of the land to forestall future occurrence.

“The escalating rate of disaster in Yala land has caused untold pains to families and loved ones. The agony is much if weighed on scale. It is high time we go back to almighty God through our ancestors and our crowned chiefs”, Ochunu reiterated.

The conveners were prominent Yala sons and daughters who gave their blessings as one. Some of them include Professor Ede Iji, Barrister Joe Agi (SAN), Barrister Anthony Iji, Mr. Godwin Obriku Agi, Mr.Lawrence Inaku Odey, and many others. The legworks was by Barr. Joseph Ochunu, Hon.Steven Ogar Ogbaji, Mr  Johnson Okori Ogar and Mr Ogar Solomon Ogar of Solomon Island.

A total of thirty (30) Yala crowned chiefs attended the event with members of their councils.


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