Legor, A Lawmaker In Touch With His Constituents

By Goddie Akpama

Only a few constituencies are lucky to have a federal lawmaker in the mould of Barrister Legor Idagbo, the representative of Bekwarra/Obudu/Obanliku federal constituency as their representative.

Rt Hon Legor Idagbo

Since he was elected in 2015 to the National Assembly, Legor has remained consistent in serving the people of the three Local Government Areas, by protecting their interest and bringing to them what in Nigerian political parlance is known as the dividends of democracy.

Certainly, the people of the federal constituency, one of the only two constituencies in the Northern Senatorial Districts of the state, can give themselves kudos for not making a mistake in sending him to represent them at the National Assembly.

Legor actually became the darling of his people while serving as Bekwarra Local Government Chairman from. There was no contesting the fact that he was head and shoulders above his peers. Tales of his friendly disposition to all and boundless generosity, especially to the less privileged when he was local government chairman in Bekwarra still abound up until today because he carried those virtues into the National Assembly.

His numerous empowerment projects and programmes to his constituents right from when he served as council chairman speak for themselves. Women, men, youths , both male and female got empowered to move to the next level of their economic endeavours.

The very first move at bringing industrialization to Bekwarra was made by Legor when he modernized and upgraded the Bekwarra Brick Industry, which created employment to the youths of Bekwarra and also attracted patronage from far and near because it was cheaper to build with and more durable than the ordinary cement block.

So it wasn’t difficult on the entire federal constituency to elect him as their representative when he beckoned on them because of his landmark achievements while serving as local government chairman.
His service to the people of his federal constituency has been most rewarding to them.

Regular empowerment of the people in an open field where cash, vocational tools, cars and other items are distributed to thousands of people have become a cliché. To Legor that is the least he has done to his constituents. As a federal lawmaker, Legor has upped the ante and elevated the scope of empowerment beyond the circus show of gathering in a school field or council ground or village square to distribute palliatives.

Though not a member of the ruling party at the national level, and even the National Assembly, but Legor through his charisma and personal attributes is presiding as the Chairman, House Committee on Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring.

As chairman of the committee on local content, he has influenced a lot of constituency projects to the federal constituency, which will create jobs and put money in the pockets of some constituents.

The most recent projects which some desperate people want to pull him down for attracting to his constituency are 2 ICT CENTRES and 1 RESOURCE CENTRE. The contracts were awarded by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, NCDMB, an agency of the Federal Government.

Legor has also influenced the employment of countless youths from his constituency into Federal jobs.

As a man who believes that service to the people should take the centre stage after elections, Legor though a member of the PDP, is working in close partnership with the Minister of State for Power, Chief Jedy Agba, an APC chieftain, to ensure that electric power is restored to the communities in the Federal constituency. And that effort has succeeded to a great extent because Bekwarra/Obudu/Obanliku has been reconnected to the national grid.

Beyond the Federal constituency, Legor has also ensured that developmental projects from the NCDMB that get to the state are domesticated, one of which is the Oil and Gas Park located in Odukpani Local Government Area along the Calabar-Itu Federal Highway.

So, the support which Legor is enjoying from his constituents isn’t a question of happenstance, but a product of selfless service to his constituents/state and humanity. Kudos MP .

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