Ben Kalu Youth Network Congratulates Tinubu Over Tribunal Judgment

The BenKalu Young Intellectual Network (BYIN) has congratulated President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for Wednesday’s Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal ruling which affirmed his victory in the February 25th election.

The group, which is a network of young, non-partisan intellectuals and mentees of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, said the verdict has justified the trust of Nigerians in the current administration.

Reading the judgment, Justice Haruna Tsammani, who led the five-person panel said “This petition accordingly lacks merit. I affirm the return of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the duly elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The parties are to bear their cost.”⁣

Thereafter, the four other Justices unanimously took turns to dismiss the petitions presented by the PDP’s Atiku Abubakar and Labour Party’s Peter Obi, challenging Tinubu’s emergence as President, as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission on March 1, 2023. ⁣

In a statement signed by its President, Dr. Ismail Adamu, the BYIN hailed the judiciary for prevailing over intimidation and all manner of prejudice to deliver justice according to law.

By the ruling, Adamu added that the wishes of a vast majority of Nigerians have been respected, which he says is the hallmark of true democracy.

Describing Tinubu as a revered gentleman and serial achiever, he noted that the President was never at any point distracted by the Tribunal or the bandwagon of social media activists.

As one of the fathers of our modern democracy, the group said it holds the President in high esteem, especially knowing his remarkable role in Rt Hon. Kalu’s political journey.

Adamu said they see a young version of the President in Kalu – one who is passionate, focused, and patriotic at all times.

Like President Tinubu, he added that the Deputy Speaker believes in politics without bitterness, and this message he has continued to preach to Ndigbo and all Nigerians for peace and unity in the country.

“The BenKalu Young Intellectual Network (BYIN) wishes to join millions of Nigerians around the world to celebrate the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal ruling which affirmed Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as President. This judgment was inevitable owing to the voting pattern during the last election,” Adamu said.

“We are a network of young, non-partisan intellectuals and mentees of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. Our members are drawn from all the political parties in the country as well as every religion with a common passion, duty-bound to proclaim Ben Kalu’s political philosophy.

“We have decided to show solidarity with Mr President because he is the mentor of our mentor, like our political grandfather. We are pleased that his outstanding blueprint for the nation wasn’t thwarted.

“Over the years, President Tinubu has proven to be a serial achiever who believes in the youth. He has built friendships, bridges, and networks which have come to good effect these days.

“He believes in politics without bitterness and unity of Nigerians. He has continued to preach this message even as President. Rt Hon. Kalu embodies these virtues and more.

“The leadership style projected by the President, especially his interest in scouting talents and raising young men are exemplified in the Deputy Speaker. This has restored the hope of the young professionals and leaders in our country.

“Rt Hon. Kalu remains the Ambassador of our demography of young national leaders and so far he has made us proud across Nigeria.

“As his disciples, we have followed his meteoric rise and found it t be a product of hard work, dedication, and loyalty. The DSP, like the President, is a peace lover and has continued to emphasize the unity of Ndi’Igbo and Nigeria.

“He was dragged and betrayed by those he called brothers. While he was persecuted, Kalu still sought peace. Twice he was taken to court and on both occasions, he emerged victoriously.

“On this note, we wish to urge Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar, and other aggrieved parties in the Feb 25th Election to let go and join hands with the winner to move the country forward.”

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