Nigerians And The “Waiting For Change” Psyche By Hashim Suleiman

Well, the reality is that change started since May 29th, 2015 and honestly for me it simply meant a change in government from one to another. My friends could attest to this because I had never acted like I was waiting for any different thing to happen anywhere, rather I continued to improve and was proactive about my ventures.

Furthermore, I have spoken in different fora about this matter and at this moment I am finally afraid because the situation I am seeing and envisaging is frightening thus the need for this write up.

It is clear from body languages and the pulse of the nation that most people are still waiting for change and I really can’t figure out where that is heading to or what it means.

People were speaking about the budget at some point but the truth is from the point the president was sworn in the 2015 budget was still in operation and it continued up till march ending, 2016 when the current budget was about being passed and the 2016 one is also currently being implemented.

This should put to rest any hope of change tied to any budget passage and this has been the major hope of almost everyone who will tell you he/she was waiting for change. This must stop.

Having explained the above, it is high time everyone should understand that the change is actually suppose to be about us. We must understand we have to go out and look out for what to no matter how much it’s going to pay you, after all your experience is counting by the day even if the money is not piling and the experience will eventually bring the money in a matter of time.

Furthermore, we have to learn to be brothers keepers by sharing progressive information with one another as well as helping the needy and less privilege. There is no anymore change that will happen apart from the one that is currently on, if there is any at all, what matters is how you view it and how proactive you are at keying into the processes of survival in Nigeria. Seek knowledge and be visionary!

God bless Nigeria.

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