Towering Profile of Cross River-Born Pro African Entrepreneur, Apuye Angiating

Apuye Angiating is an experienced, multi-competent, and Pro African Entrepreneur with a proven track record of excellence in the agricultural, real estate, investment banking and healthcare sectors. He has a knack for turning ideas into creative impactful brands that address the unmet needs of the underserved and at-risk communities, focusing on developing local content/potential to compete with global brands.

Mr Apuye Angiating

He has a passion for promoting youth and women productivity, which has led to the creation of brands with an inclusive ideology evident in the composition of his team and workforce. His entrepreneurial drive to help accelerate sectorial growth and entrepreneurship is playing a pivotal role to create jobs and self-reliance in a competitive economy like ours.

Mr Apuye Angiating is a USA based Agropreneur and the MD/CEO of Uteb Agro Consult and Farms Co. Ltd, with presence in Ondo State, Ekiti State and Cross River State. A reputable and established Agroprenuer with large scale farming projects in Ondo and Ekiti States, in maize/corn cultivation, creating employment for several members of these states. From the humble beginning as a small-scale farmer in Akure, Ondo State, his journey into agriculture and farming has been one of continuous growth and innovation.

Over the years, he has expanded his operations to encompass 175 hectares of farmland with ambitious plans to reach 1000 hectares and beyond within the next five years. This expansion is not just a testament to his vision but also a reflection of his unwavering commitment to promoting agro-allied services and driving sustainable growth in Nigeria’s agricultural sector. Innovation is at the heart of everything he does, from precision agriculture techniques to the adoption of climate smart practices, he is constantly exploring new ways to enhance productivity.

In a bid to promote indigenous excellence, Mr. Angiating has established the Superfine Vegetable Oil Factory in Bebuagbong Village, Ipong, Obudu LGA of Cross River State. The Superfine Vegetable Oil Factory is a testament to his commitment to local empowerment and sustainable development. As the first indigenous vegetable oil factory in Cross River State, he takes immense pride in pioneering an era of agricultural excellence. With state-of-the-art oil processing machines and a cutting-edge oil refinery, the superfine vegetable oil factory epitomizes the fusion of tradition and technology, delivering unparallel quality with every oil drop. Superfine vegetable oil is produced, refined and packaged to perfection in nutritional value in the 21st century.

The Uteb Agro Mentorship Hub pioneered and powered by Mr Apuye Angiating is a catalyst for entrepreneurial growth and development providing support, resources, and mentorship to budding entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. Through this mentorship program, he provides agricultural inputs and financial support to women and youths who aspires to venture into agriculture. Mr. Angiating is also planning a scholarship scheme to support Northern Cross River State students who are studying agriculture in tertiary institutions.

Currently Mr. Angiating is looking homeward with a proposed plan to establish cassava and maize projects in Cross River State. The discussion is on-going with the Commissioner for Agriculture, Cross River State and other community stakeholders.

As an Innovative entrepreneur, over the years he has created and established new business models to generate profit, accomplish company goals, and assist his community. With applied creativity, he has identified opportunities, developed innovative business models to meet consumer needs, improved market competitiveness, and transform ideas into business success. These are vital in driving economic growth, creating jobs, and addressing modern societal needs to push the boundaries of progress.

Considering his Entrepreneurial pedigree, Mr Apuye Angiating has been nominated as the Innovative Entrepreneur Man of the Year 2024 by Yala Achievers Award which is slated for July 28th at Transcorp Calabar, Calabar . This is to celebrate his remarkable accomplishments of who has shown immense and outstanding entrepreneurial innovation, leadership, creativity, and dedication towards providing gainful employment for Cross Riverians and Nigerians at large. The growing importance of Apuye’s works highlights his crucial role in encouraging innovation, inspiring future entrepreneurs, and driving economic growth.

Apuye Angiating holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from the prestigious Howard University, Washington DC, USA. He is married to Victoria Utebye Angiating and the marriage is blessed with three lovely kids

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